IronProXT User Guide


Welcome to IronProXT and thank you for adding IronPRO to your current IronCAD toolbox. This user guide will provide a basic explanation of all the tools and their specific commands.

IronProXT is an application developed exclusively for IronCAD. IronProXT expands the power of IronCAD adding several parametric tools, and more commonly asked for functional tools. IronProXT offers the same drag and drop approach as IronCAD therefore maintaining the same ease of use and powerful functionality. It is totally compliant to the IronCAD user interface.

IronProXT CataloghiThe functionalities of IronProXT are divided in two main categories: Parametric Libraries and Functional Tools. Parametric Libraries includes all the routines for creation of parametric parts like fasteners, steels, bearing etc. All these parts are fully compliant to UNI rules and measures are expressed in metric units.

Functional Tools are a collection of commands that improve the users’ productivity.

Some Functional Tools are for example: Suppress Manager (a fast tool used to suppress and unsuppressed parts and assemblies), ProActiveBOM (a very powerful BOM manager active in scene environment) and last but not least ProActive Part, that is a parametric part generator.

IronProXT was developed in the form of an IronCAD catalog, following the format set by IronCAD. IronProXT currently consists of five - 5 - catalogs: Mech, Tools, Utils, Flanges, Pipes; IronProXT also includes a collection of commands placed in the Add-Ins Ribbon Bar of IronCAD.

Each has its own unique set of tools that will be explored in this guide.